21 Behavior patterns

Códica benefits

Confidence and self-esteem

Códica opens our self-perception to develop self-confidence and put aside insecurities and complexes. It allows us to take a realistic, down-to-earth stance while taking pride in our accomplishments.


Códica helps to develop healthy relationships. It trains us not to leave us last, to set limits and still not step over other people. Develop understanding of others and empathy.

Stop somatization

By managing our emotions correctly, it prevents the overproduction of cortisol and allows our immune system to function properly. Because a stress-free body efficiently fights against possible diseases.


It is ideal for managing depression, anxiety, phobias, and other mood disorders. Simply because it allows us to change our bad mental habits.

Other benefits of Códica

While Códica is certainly not the solution to everything, anyone benefits from discovering and reversing inefficient patterns of behavior. Overcoming what determines our decisions and reasoning is true freedom.

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