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What is Códica?

What is Códica used for?

We are born happy, safe and without fear. But during our lives we normalize patterns of suffering, guilt and frustration among others. And when they are repeated over and over again, we generate self-destructive patterns that are subsequently virtually impossible to change.

Surely you have heard that "practice makes perfect" and also that "a lie repeated a thousand times becomes true." How is this related to Códica?

Because the mechanism (practice / repeat) that allows us to develop a skill (driving, playing the piano), is the same that develops patterns of behavior.

Repetition modifies the connections in our brain, which is why these behavior patterns seem part of our nature. To the point where we unconsciously execute them, and we are able to justify them in a thousand ways.

Trying to change them is almost impossible because they are already part of the structures of our brain.

Códica is a method that identifies these destructive patterns and not only allows change, it does so in an accelerated way.

About Códica

It activates the abilities that we have repressed because of our learned patterns. He does it the same way we lost them: BY REPETITION. It uses binaural pulses, repeatedly stimulating areas of our brain where these skills are developed, while a consultant teaches us strategies to use them effectively.

  • Results from the first session.
  • Non-invasive and without collateral effects.
  • Permanent changes.
  • It is not necessary to inquire into the user's experiences.
  • The stimulation is subtle and pleasant.
  • Face-to-face sessions or online conference.
  • A precise method, without subjectivity.
  • Scientifically proven.
  • It allows you to advance at your own pace.
  • It combines technological and human resources.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Once the diagnosis is done, the number of sessions to work is known.

How does Códica works?

Códica stimulates specific locations in our cerebral cortex by signaling to our brain where the best resources are to solve a specific task. It does so with repetition of vibratory pulses to reinforce the connections between these resources, as our brain learns by repeating.

Do you want to become a consultant?

As a Códica consultant, you are part of the directory of consultants so that people from all over the world look for you to request your services. Give a chance to all those people who yearn to change and overcome their difficulties.

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